Music Festival in Honor of Confucius (MFHC)

Sponsored by—Chinese Fine Arts Society

  •  This is a very competitive event. Each student is required to perform two pieces of music, one of which is a required Chinese repertoire. Cash rewards are given.

  •  This event is usually held in late October


Piano Sonata/Sonatina Festival

Sponsored by—Chicago Area Music Teachers Association (CAMTA)

  • This event is for intermediate to advanced students. Each student is required to perform two contrasting movements from a sonatina or one movement from a sonata.

  • This event is usually held in February.


Junior Festival

Sponsored by—National Guild of Piano Teachers, American College of Musicians

  • This is a quite comprehensive audition where students are required to play scales, arpeggios, and chords, as well as 3-7 complete pieces. This is a great opportunity to review all the pieces learned in the past year.

  • This event is usually held in late May.


Your IMA (Illinois Music Association)

Sponsored by Illinois Music Association 

  • Students are required to play one piece from a predetermined list of repertoire

  • This is a friendly competition where students can hear and learn from their peers as well as getting feedback from judges. It is appropriate for the first competition experience. 

  • It is usually held in late May.


Achievement in Music

Sponsored by Chicago Area Music Teacher Association 

  • It is an annual assessment exam to evaluate both theory and performance progress. 

  • The curriculum is designed and approved by the Illinois State Music Teacher Association.

  • The theory assessment is held in December and the performance assessment is held in March. 

  • https://camta.org/festivals-and-competitions/achievement-in-music/