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How does the enrollment work?

Student enrollment is ongoing with no specific start date. Students will be considered for regular instruction after an initial conference/lesson with the instructor. 

How does the lesson scheduling work?

The student will meet with the instructor every week at a mutually agreed time. The length of the lesson can vary from 30 to 45-minute length depending on your commitment, interests, experience, and budget. Please be on time! Tardiness is deducted from your lesson time.

What should I bring to the lessons?

Please bring to every lesson a notebook (for practice assignments and instructions), piano books, a manuscript staff book, and a pencil. Please make sure student’s hands are clean and fingernails are neatly clipped before the lesson. 

What is the make-up or cancellation policy?

Make up lessons will only be offered to students with excused absences such as planned vacations or major events. Unexcused absences (last minute cancellations, illness, and schedule conflicts) will be charged as if regular lesson is taken. If you have to miss a lesson, we require 48-hour notice prior to the lesson time. Please contact the teacher directly to cancel a lesson. If less than 48 hour notice is given, it would be considered an unexcused absence and no make-up lesson will be given. The sooner the instructor knows about lesson cancellation (excused absence), the easier the instructor can reschedule a make-up lesson. Make-up lesson times are subject to the instructor’s availability.

How does the billing work?

Tuition payments are due monthly before the first lesson of the month. If payments are not received by the second lesson or the 15th of the month, a late fee of $30 will be charged for the month. Tuition includes more than the contact time with the teacher. In addition to private lessons, the cost covers all teacher preparation, teaching materials, workshops, recitals, professional memberships, maintenance of the studio, communication, and traveling expenses.

How much should I practice?

We believe practicing at home is more important than the lessons themselves. Please make every effort to set a regular practice schedule for your child. Practice sessions should occur in a quiet environment and at a tuned piano. Pianos should be tuned every six months to every year depending on the climate. Regular, focused, and supervised practice will result in more rewarding lessons and a greater musical experience! 

Is there any kind of evaluation?

Evaluation reports will be given to all students at the end of the year. Students’ progress will be assessed in these evaluation reports. Parents are also encouraged to set up an appointment with the instructor to discuss upcoming year’s goals, expectations, or any concerns you might have. 

Is there recital or other performance opportunities?

There are two formal studio recitals each year (one in the fall and one in the spring). There might be a nominal fee for renting a performance space. We encourage all the students to participate in various festivals and competitions held in the area. (i.e. Piano Fest held by Sherwood Conservatory, Junior Festival held by Illinois Federation of Music Clubs, National Guild Auditions, MTNA competitions, Illinois Music Association contests, etc.) Informal performances might take place in nursing homes, students’ homes, etc. Additional joint recitals are also offered to maximize students’ performance opportunities and enhance their performance techniques.

How does the lesson termination work?

The instructor reserves the right to dismiss any student who cannot or will not maintain a reasonable standard of work, or whose behavior/attitude is not conducive to progress. Students may be dismissed for repeatedly not showing up at lessons, continually being unprepared, showing disrespect toward the instructor or learning, or for other reasons. A probationary period is given in most cases, following a consultation with the parent.

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